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How many ways can you remove the epidermis of a feline?


Finally got the first part of the Dragon Knights part IX movie made. Boy was that a load of hassel! I thought it would be a simple matter of modeling it in Blender, rendering in Blender. As per the Blender manual, I rendered it as indevidual frames. Then I got Blender to make them into a movie. Only the movie was completely blank! Therefore I decided to put all the rendered frames on my zip drive, transfer them to the Mac and make a movie in Adobe After Efects. Only I couldn't find the USB lead for my zip drive. Fortunately I could use Nicole's new thumb drive. Well this took a couple of hourse and the movie only had one frame! So I decided to re-render the movie in Blender, this time going strait to Quicktime. After a day or so of rendering, I got a movie which was short of the last few seconds, you know that part with the title on it (this firs bit is the title sequence)! I put the movie on the thumb drive, went back to the Mac and combined it with the last few frames in After Efects. Then I put the complete movie on the thumb drive and went back to the PC. Now the new movie was completely blank on the PC! Tried exporting it from After Efects as an avi file. Now I got an "Explorer has encountered an unexpected error and has to quit" message when I tried looking at the thumb drive (not even selecting the avi file). Next idea, email it to myself so I asked Nicole to do that. The next morning she still hadn't done it so she said I should do it. I emailed it to myself from her Hotmail account and got a message saying it had failed. By now Nicole was at the computer and wanted to do her stuf. After a bit of persuasion, I got her to try to send an email to my other adress from her Yahoo account. Unfortunately she didn't know how to attach files so I had to show her and part way through this a cat knocked her coffee cup over, onto her keyboard. She was not pleased. Anyway, she managed to finish sending the email with the mouse, and when it arived the movie ran on the PC.

Now all I have to do is upload it along with some changes to my web site. Then I'll have to do the rest of the movie. Don't let anybody tell you SVG is hard, movies are much harder!