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Loki's side of the story.

Loki responds to the matter mentioned in the previous post.

In response to him, thank you.  You have tolerated the difficult situation of being a heterosexual male, married to a homosexual woman for over six years.  I thank you for convincing me to come out of the closet, so I could finally accept myself as a human being. I thank you for being compassionate for all my flaws, and taking care of me when a near-terminal illness left me unable to take care of myself for years.  I thank you for having so much faith in me, that when I tried I to have a retaliatory affair with a younger version of you, you simply smiled and replied, "you'll be back."  I thank you for being a good father to a little girl who desperately needed one when her mother was too infirm to take of herself, and providing for all three of us.

No matter what we've been through or who has gotten in the way, we'll remain best friends forever.  You are an extraordinary person and I love you.  If there is a G-d, our flawed yet amazingly loving marriage, is the greatest evidence of that Power.

Want to  renew our vows, sweetness?