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Writer's Block: Ghost Stories

Everyone enjoys a ghost story. Or at least knows one. What is the scariest ghost story you've ever heard?

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I never really thought of ghost as scary. However, the weirdest ghost story I lived through was my allegedly being possessed by my maternal great grandfather. I have very little recollection about what actually happened, but it freaked the hell out of my ex-husband. Supposedly, he was stuck in purgatory and was trying to find his way home. He needed to apologize to my grandfather and explain himself.  Grandma Toñita and Grandpa Garibaldi took the panicked phone call, and told Jake that I was merely dreaming and they needed to light candles for him at church so he could find his way home.  After I came to, I talked to them on they told me that I had "el don," because the conversation Jake had with my altered-state self was specific enough for my grandfather to be  convinced of its veracity.  I can't explain it, aside from it being weird and disorienting.