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My Webcomic Cast as Team Fortress 2

My webcomic's cast (P.S.I. - A Pessimistic Sense of Inadequacy) is dressed up as the Team Fortress 2 classes for Halloween!

After several hours and weeks of work, I have a new wallpaper ready for people to grab! I must say that this is my most ambitious piece of individual artwork for my webcomic... and I think of any online art piece I've ever done! I'm very happy with this work! (though I wish the content was 100% original).

Each class/character was sketched and drawn with regular graphite pencil on printer paper. Then inked with Millennium .03 Pens on Light Weight Tracing Paper; and Scanned on a Lexmark X2600 at 600 dpi. Then retouched in Photoshop 7.1; then digitally colored and shaded; and finally organized on a custom background!

The main wallpapers (800x, 1024x, 1280x) are on my website at

If a bigger size is needed, just ask. I'll soon be releasing stand-alone images of the individual character/classes as well. I'm also considering making prints available (but who knows).