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Donate To Help Young Independant Comic Makers Get Started

I have developed an after school club that will meet next spring once a week where these students can come and hone their storytelling skills and eventually publish their own books with full color screen printed covers and xeroxed interior pages.

However, there is very little money for this program and some eager artists are unable to pay the $3 dues to cover drawing materials.

Please go to my project's page on Donor's and donate to this project.  Every little bit helps and you may be a part of the next wave of independant comic book artists!

Our club needs quality drawing materials, such as bristol board, blue pencils and inking markers, to learn how professional comic book artists make their images.

Additionally, they will learn the screen printing process to produce full color covers for their books. They will need a screen printing kit, ink and colored paper to produce their book.

Funding this project will give students a product they can be proud of as well as an early entry into making comics like the "pros".

My students need 9 quality drawing materials and printmaking supplies such as paper, pens, staplers, and pencils to make their own comic books. The cost of this proposal is $528, which includes shipping for any materials requested and fulfillment.