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Republicans, it's your turn to read the letter.

Congratulations Liberals!  It seems that you actually read the letter.  Granted, you stand for nebulous concepts like "hope" and "change," but that's a marked improvement from the mentality that lost you so many political battles.  Unfortunately, the Republican Party seemingly lost its compass and is now in need of its own version of the letter (my apologies to Adbusters who came up with the original version.)

Fellow Conservatives,

Don't blame America's youth.  My generation and those that came afterward, have been desperately looking for guidance that their parents failed to provide. So, now their hungry hearts turned to the a man who stepped up to the role of  being a governmental parent that will take care of their needs.  It's not the media's fault either.  With all the conservative news outlets and raw information out there, we sufficient warning about the current situation. The GOP only has itself to blame for not listening.  Rhinos like Colin Powell and the "elites" of the left are not the ones who handed Obama his victory on a platter, either. Every vote counts equally, regardless of who cast it.  The reason the Republican party failed so miserably lies within the ashes of the conservative principles it once held.

Highly visible conservative commentators like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Jason Lewis and others -- warned the GOP that its abandonment of its core values would be disastrous.   Instead the GOP continued clinging onto socialist rubbish, such as the bail-out, at the expense of its own small-government platform.  On Nov 5th, the bipartisan bubble burst and the Republicans lost big time. Why? Because the GOP was missing what it has been missing for all these years: a backbone.

Barrack Obama is unrepentantly liberal, in spite of his tendency towards being a political chameleon. What does the GOP have? What are the party's core beliefs? It's hard to tell, but they sure as hell haven't been conservative.

Now is the time for all conservatives to ask themselves some serious questions: Does the Republianc Party, in it's current form, speak for you? What conservative candidate truly represents you?  McCain, Palin, Paul, Baldwin?  Are you yearning for a more libertarian beliefs like the ones that Barr or Jay are presenting.  Over the next four years, us conservatives have to make some huge decisions.  Are we going to continue to voting for whatever well-funded liberal-in-Republican clothing that the GOP throws at us?  Or, are we as conservatives going to start  choosing candidates that represent our true values.  Or, are we going to keep on voting solely for the sake of keeping a Republican party, that no longer represents us, alive?

We can no longer cling to the dead promises of the Neo-Cons and their political fads.  We need put the breaks on the slow march towards socialism that began during the New Deal, and regained momentum during the Bush Administration.  We need to take it upon ourselves to follow Reagan's advice and study history, so as to avoid the mistakes the  national past.  We can no longer afford to behave like mindless rednecks who passively watch our Constitutional Republic fall to pieces.  This is the time to bitterly cling to our guns and the dictates of our conscience, while we strive towards being model citizens. So what if the Democrats mock us?  Maybe it's time for us to grow a spine, and stand up for ourselves.  The work of our own hands is what makes America great, not the government's creation of redistribution designed to protect the jobs of incumbents.  So, let's do something about it.

If we value freedom, small-government, free-trade (as opposed to corporate welfare) and the power of the individual, then it's time to break free from the memes, the soundbites, the lure of government handouts and the media-driven "democracy."  It is our duty as Citizen of the United States to educate ourselves.  We must keep track of voting records and government proposals, and not just during the Presidential election season.  We must strive towards being an informed populous, and calmly educate those who oppose us.  If our candidates make dumb decisions, we must communicate our displeasure in no uncertain terms. We cannot continue to engage in the pointless spouting of talking points that are untrue or simply preaching to the choir.  We need to remain consistent in our opposition to policies that reduce otherwise capable individuals into whimpering children who are dependent on the handouts of Daddy Government.  We are capable of greatness, as long as we have the will to believe in ourselves.

As conservatives, we ought not be discouraged by Barack Obama's win or the Democratic majority.  If he is truly a lousy President, and the Democrats continue to be ineffectual, then they will do the majority of our work for us.   More importantly, the new administration will provide us with an extraordinary opportunity to revive Constitutional Conservatism and purge ourselves the Neo-Con mentality once and for all.  So what if the current Republican party goes the way of the Whigs?  If the GOP continues a blind eye from irresponsible behavior by human weathervanes, then it deserves to self-destroy.  The Libertarians, the Constitution Party and any other number of conservative-variant parties, are eagerly waiting to fill the power-vacuum.  If the GOP truly wants to survive, it needs to stop pandering towards the needs of Democrats.  Liberals are not the ones who are voting for conservatism or libertarianism.

So what are we going to do about this?  What do we stand for?  What does conservatism mean to us?  Will we continue to cower in silence when Liberals spout stereotypes and misconceptions about us, or will we actually speak up?  Are we going to continue asking difficult questions, or are we going to be silenced whenever a Liberal or a Rhino dismisses legitimate inquiries as "vicious attacks"?

Grand Old Party, this your final warning.  Get your act together, or it's Party Over

Thanks for reading,
Vanesa Littlecrow Wojtanowicz