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I really hate hurricanes.  I had hoped that I could escape those damn things when I left Puerto Rico.  Unfortunately, they seem to follow me no matter where I go.  There is a hurricane-like weather system with tendrils that reach from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico.  It has rain, thunder, lightning and snow.  Paul and I were stranded inside this scary blizzard from hell, in a rural road, for seven hours, in a vain attempt for me to work at the Chicago Club tonight.  Eventually Paul's neighbors were able to rescue us.  Thank heavens for winter survival kits, raisins.  So much for doing photo shoots this time around.

To make matters worse, my smartphone decided to suffer from a "known technical issue" and now only works sporadically.  Thankfully, Sprint is sending me a free replacement.  Unfortunately, that means I have no phone for the rest of the weekend.  Tomorrow is my birthday.  What a drag.  Because this weather system is already rearing its head in MN, Loki doesn't feel safe going up North for the deer hunt opener.  Now I have to cross my fingers and hope that Amtrak has tickets so I can return to MN this Sunday.  Hopefully, the train CAN leave on Sunday.