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I am channeling Teddy Roosevelt...

I am about to walk for 1.5 miles through foot-tall or taller snow drifts, to a stranger's truck (at least Paul knows him,) in high-heeled platform boots through the fog, order to get out of Sawyer and into Minot.  Paul will be ultimately hunkering down at his house until the plows come, but he will be helping me bring my stuff by sled.

I am nervous as hell. Nonetheless, if Teddy Roosevelt can give a speech while bleeding with a bullet wound, I can do this too.  From now on, my only form of communication will be Paul until I reach town with his friend (whose birthday I share.)  Then for about half an hour after I catch my ride (and I don't know how long that will take,) I will completely unreachable until I can find a payphone or Wi-Fi hot spot.  When I do that, I will be contacting Paul and Loki first.  Then, I will hopefully get in touch with the rest of y'all.  Wish me luck, because nobody is going to stop me from dancing on my birthday.  If you need to reach me before I get done with this trek, please, call Paul.

Here goes nothing.