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Cover Art for November and Shutting Down Forums

The cover art for November is from Michael May, the creator of Eros Inc. and Stock Footage. I think Michael's got talent and his webcomics are definitely worth checking out.  Be sure to sift through the archives of the movie-targeted Stock Footage and catch up on his current comic Eros Inc.

In site update news, I am going to shut down the forums here.  Two reasons!  One they're aren't being used a heck of a lot; and two, I'm really impressed with the new and the forums over there are accomplishing everything we ever tried to facilitate at Comixpedia/ComixTalk in terms of constructive discussion amongst webcomics creators. is not really aimed at non-creators, but it's got a tremendously friendly vibe right now and you really ought to check it regularly. has the support of Penny Arcade (in some fashion, they've at least bought the URL from T Campbell for the Halfpixel guys to use) and of course it's being led now by Halfpixel which is four of the most successful webcomics creators, period.  Out of those guys, I've met Dave, Kris and Brad at varous points online and off and they're all good guys and in comics for the long haul so I have no doubt this site will only get bigger and better.

I'm always going to be proud of having had a hand in starting Comixpedia/Talk and keeping it running for -- wow -- 6 years now.  I am pretty sure I've written more about comics than I ever would have imagined.  I've learned a lot too -- not surprisingly reading a lot of comics and interviewing a lot of people about them is a pretty educational experience.  My interest in comics back then was never entirely pure - mostly I was attracted to the DIY energy of it all, especialy webcomics before the turn of the century when it was all a lot harder and more mysterious out there.  But over time comics as comics really captured my interest.  Comics as a medium is fascinating and people are using it to tell some pretty awesome stories right now.  It's an exciting time.


Re: Cover Art for November and Shutting Down Forums

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The forums are fine if you do a strip. If you do comic book style it's mostly a waste of time. The articles are good though, so maybe the forums will get better as they attract more people. I'm kinda burned out on the typical webcomic forum crowd at the moment anyway - that will give it some time to mature. Wow, I'm getting crankier as I get older. Sorry.

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Re: Cover Art for November and Shutting Down Forums

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I guess I'm somewhat to blame (in parts) for that decision, with my track record of not posting for months. But let me put all my authority as one of the LAST people ever to post in the forum into saying: It's a pity.

It's not so much the forum tiself - I've seen how active it was, or wasn't. But one of my favorite features of Comixtalk was the cross-pollination between the segments, the possibility to turn a news item into a forum topic and all that. I don't know about everybody else, but it made me feel more involved with everything I read, including news posts and everything. The whole of Comixtalk felt like a froum because the forum flavor stretched out into all the other parts. (I'm not sure I can get the point across as elegantly as I had planned. But I'm sure you get the idea.) More than a normal forum, Comixtalk has a community feel to it. I hope it'll stay that way after the forum is closed, and not turn out like certain other sites where everybody just talks about themselves.

That said, I should really go register with now.