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Guest Strip Project - Christmas Donationathon

In April 2008 The Guest Strip Project launched it's doors, only for one year. It would raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation with ads, donations and upcoming merchandise. Five months remain...

This Christmas, we're doing another Donationathon. On the 1st December is our 100th strip and that spot could go to you. If you haven't already contributed to the Guest Strip Project all you need to do is a Christmas strip and be one of the 31 artists, webcomic artists or even just fans. As long as you can pick up a pencil, that's all we need!

Send your entries to and who knows, you could be the 100th strip of the Guest Strip Project - A feat in itself!

The strip must be 700 x 221, in a gif format and have a Christmas theme including one (or all) of our characters. Don't forget in your email to include your website you want to be linked to and let's raise some much needed funds for the Make-A-Wish Foundation! Hurry fast, we only need 31 strips!

Guest Strip Project Cast