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NCWCCC - November Meeting Minutes

NCWCCC Meeting, 11-16-08

Yesterday's meeting of the NCWCCC was sparkly attended, yet quite productive.  Here are some highlights.

In attendance

J Gray
Brook Spangler
Mike Moon
Jamie Robertson
Richard Sarner (representing Stallarcon)

Unfortunately, founder Larry "mckenzee" Holderfield could not attend as his wife was sick.  Let's all wish her well.

RSVP Policy: We briefly discussed the idea of enacting an RSVP policy for attending meetings. So from now on, if at all possible, please let me know via email or livejournal if you ARE or ARE NOT able to attend a meeting.  For those of you who have done this steadily in the past, I thank you. 

NCWCCC Anthology 2
: We also discussed, briefly, the status of the second NCWCCC anthology.  The first deadline for art and bios has passed and the second deadline, November 24th, is looming.  If you have not sent in your art or stories, please do so by the November 24th deadline. Below is a list of Clatch who I have been contacted by concerning their work in the anthology.
Members who have uploaded art and bios:
Alan Welch
Alex Wilson
Robert Cameron
Chelsea Black
Members who have informed me of their status:
Larry Holderfield
Ursula Vernon
Phillip Wright
Caldwell Tanner
Stephanie Freese

NCWCCC Anthology 2 Cover: Larry has uploaded a mock up of a proposed cover for NCWCCC Anthology 2 .  See it HERE.

Stellarcon: Richard Starner dropped by to extend an invitation to attend Stellarcon 2009 as "guests".  Stellarcon, which is March 13 – 15, is a "general fantasy, science fiction, horror, and comics fiction convention held in High Point, NC." Here's the deal.  Clatch members Dan Johnson and Thomas Boatwright are scheduled to be at Stellarcon as guests and between them they will have two tables.  Stellarcon has extended to the Clatch four memberships, "guest slots", for the con.  These four will share the two tables with Dan and Thomas.  The only prevision is that someone must man the table at all times.  The tables will be in the dealer's room. Currently the four slots are spoken for, but that will likely change.  Larry, Ursula, Mike and I are the current four.  Other Clatch members are welcome to come by and sit in on panels or sell their work, though they will have to pay the admission fee.  Here is a link to Stellarcon's registration in case anyone is interested.  

Webcomics and the Economic Downturn: Brooke brought up a very interesting topic - webcomics and the current economy.  She is "thinking about" writing an article on the topic and so this did lead to some interesting discussion. To paraphrase Brooke paraphrasing Ursula, "traditionally, art has been a recession proof career." The question is, does that hold for webcomics? I won't go into any detail of our discussion, but if any of you have any anecdotes , ideas or concerns on the topic, please post them here to the livejournal and I'll make sure Brooke gets them. 

The Future of the Clatch
: Where do we go from here? We've got one anthology under our belt and another in the works.  What else can we do?  How can we grow as both a group and organization?  Do we want to grow beyond the socializing/networking group the NCWCCC is now?  What do you think? 

December Meeting: The next meeting will be in Raleigh at the Design Box. Thanks again to Paul Friedrich for getting us the space.  We now need to decide on a date.  Here are the options:

Saturday, December 6th
Sunday, December 7th
Saturday, December 13th
Sunday, December 14th

Please let me know which you prefer.

And that's it.