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Webcomic Beacon #51 - The End

Webcomic Beacon #51 - The End Sophie (of Mac Rat Love) and R.T. Barnham III (of The World Explodes *NSFW*) join Tanya and Fes this week as we discuss writing ahead and to the end. We also devolve into discussing death and sex as this episode nearly becomes a Spectacular Failure. We had some issues on the broadcast with auido, but the show seemed to turn out alight!

Spotlighted Webcomics this week are: Mikey’s Life and Sorcery 101!

Searchlight Webcomic: The Original Nutty Funsters!

Webcomic BACON! Yes we have an idea for a communal webcomic project. Check out our official forum for more details and to let us know if you are interested! Invested parties will be encouraged to come on a show to brainstorm!