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Webcomic Idol 08 Almost Over

There are 3 webcomics left in Bomb Shelter's Webcomic Idol and after the elimination thing-a-ma-bee there'll be just two this week.  I think the plan is that they'll announce the winner sometime after Thanksgiving. 

The least vote getter is Simulated Comic Product (that's a good thing in this contest - people are voting to eliminate comics).  I mostly like this one - it's more often funny than not and every so often there's a truly unsettling one that gives you a little jab of tension.  But it's a weekly updating comic without a story or true characters -- while it may be the one to win the contest, it just isn't one of the most funny comics of its type out there... yet. 

Marooned is a science fiction comic, with a story and characters and a twice-weekly updating schedule.  I think it has a lot of potential.  I'm torn over the art.  On the one hand it's simple style is fine for the story and mostly Tom Dell'aringa has a handle on it.  But other times, when he tries to draw something out of the core cast, like backgrounds or some of the robots, I do wish he had put more into it.

Shi Long Pang is a totally different animal than the other two.  We're 125 pages into a probably pretty epic story.  It's a comic about the story and the characters.  I think Ben Costa is spinning an entirely fantastic tale here.  I am sure if he keeps up the quality of work this will be a great story to sit down with and read from start to finish.


Re: Webcomic Idol 08 Almost Over

Your term "tries to draw" is most appropriate! I'm painfully aware that my drawing chops are not yet up to speed - I've been too long out of the game. Worse, my time is really limited with this being essentially a hobby of mine, I simply cannot put the time into certain drawings that I wish I could. I've got a limited window to get these things out, and I've not missed a deadline yet. So, I'm working on getting better, but it's a slow process. My hope is that the story is interesting enough to keep people hanging on while the strip hopefully improves. Only time will tell. Thanks for the kind words! Tom Dell'Aringa (Marooned)