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nvonflue @ 2008-11-25T01:15:00

Just got back from seeing The Decemberists, who were fantastic. Probably better than that last time we saw them, which was right around the time they had signed to Capitol. Amazing live versions of the Crane Wife material, Especially Crane Wife 1&2, which is over 10 minutes long and involved some guitar juggling. Chris Funk even played a Hurdy Gurdy, which made me jealous. I'd love a Hurdy Gurdy.

I was really impressed with the opening act, Loch Lomond, who gave an overall impression of being a group of artful band geeks turned loose in a freak folk show. Really beautiful music, somewhere between Norfolk and Western and The Decemberists themselves. Fantastic harmonies (although when you have 7 members all singing at once, I imagine that it can't help but sound heavenly). I loved how they each traded and switched instruments through the set. As near I could tell, the lead singer and violinist were the only two who didn't play at least 3 different instruments by the end.

I play so much music as a hobbyist, (albiet with people much more talented than myself) that I forget how cool it is too see professionals do it. It's heartening and encouraging to see (and understand somewhat) the things the are happening on stage, but to be moved along by the quality and ease in which it's being done.