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SMILE Guest Theatre: Brian Fies!

Bah, I've been so caught up in working on SMILE the book, that I forgot to mention I'm still putting up guest strips on the SMILE website!

Here's a great new guest strip from my friend Brian Fies, who always makes time for a friendly chat when we see each other at cons, and has been a good ally in discussing the twilight space between webcomics and their print cousins. Go read about his dental drama, why don't you?

I'm back to penciling and inking new pages of the comic, and it's tough not to share them with you guys week-to-week like I used to!

The guest-strip invitation still stands to anyone who's interested in drawing one. From now on all of the guest comics I receive will be run on the fan art section of the site (default name, courtesy of WCN), and I will be migrating the other guest strips over to that section when I have a free second.

So, what else is going on? Dave, John, Marion and I went to see Avenue Q last night--John and Marion's first time, and Dave's and my second (he got free tickets through work a handful of years back). It's such a fun show and I'm really glad I got to see it again! The rumor is that it's closing sometime in 2009, so if you like extremely well-done puppets, Sesame Street parody, and raunchy should go!

Dave and I are both dealing with some family stuff these days, but overall I've been in a great mood and am really looking forward to the holiday season. It's kind of my favorite, I admit. :)