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Get Your Webcomic Stuffing Here!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of those (including me) in the good ol' US of A tomorrow.  Despite it's historically shaky roots, it is AN AWESOME holiday that combines getting along with everyone else (at least for one day a year!) AND FOOD... lots and lots of food.  I highly recommend it to any nation around the world.

A few stories of interest today: 

An interview with John Backderf (more widely known as "Derf") - he's not much for the web but I've always thought highly of his work on his strip The City - funny, insightful, he's also been able to do some truly amazing longer form stories like TRASH and MY FRIEND DAHMER.  He has a new book out now -- Punk Rock and Trailer Parks. (h/t JOURNALISTA!)

Todd Allen cranks through some numbers on whether creators would be better off working outside of the Marvel/DC-plex.  This is all coming out of a very comic book-specific debate Robert Kirkman and Brian Bendis had online earlier this year.  (One web-related bit - he has the PvP comic book sales numbers in his chart.)

The Daily Cartoonist has a round-up of "how I became a syndicated cartoonist" stories.


Re: Get Your Webcomic Stuffing Here!

lunarjarrett's picture

That Kirkman / Bendis debate def. brought attention to a much needed topic within the industry. I honestly see so much promise with my own creator owned properties. I've told myself that no matter what professional work I'm doing, I'll always have a project that solely mine. I've talked to a bunch of other cartoonists that are doing the same thing. I think its time artists protect our own butts instead of banking so much on these publishers. There are too many professional artists( who had huge careers with the Big 2 )but are totally forgotten today. updated Tuesdays and Fridays!