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Is It Funny Today?

I have often noodled over ideas (and code) to do a site like Is It Funny Today? (although I tended to think more broadly about "is it good recently") -- so I'm pretty excited to see this site up and running.  There are more details on this site -- how to find comics and how to vote on them -- I will let you know more about what I think after trying it out.

Re: Is It Funny Today?

Kevin Wolf's picture

My new comic was rejected for not meeting an arbitrary and undefined minimum traffic total, which seems to kill any motivation for any comics creators who are not already well-known from joining up with these guys.  So, I'm rather down on the notion of the site at the moment.

Re: Is It Funny Today?

This notion seems to be pretty much what I expected. I thought I might apply as a means of promotion, and total number of strips was no barrier, but when I read that final caveat about existing traffic it seemed to be a non-starter. Plus, the idea of ranking them doesn't really sit well with me as it brings in another aspect of competition, which shouldn't be a motivator for artists.