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The Day After

So, yes, I got my book yesterday! Or rather, Strange Adventures was kind enough to front me one before my comp copies show up. It looks lovely. It printed beautifully, which thrilled me (it's always nerve-wracking before you see your book in print, wondering if what you see on the screen will translate properly). SLG used different paper from what they used for Zombies Calling, crisp, white paper that made the inks look beautiful and smooth, and the shading stand out nicely. The larger size and gutters around the artwork creates a completely different feel from ZC ... it's like the book is classy or something. Hilarious, I know.

I meant to get a photo of me next to the finished Ellsmere mural by Strange Adventures, but my ancient, crappy camera has completely died, so I'll have to borrow someone else's at some point. Of course today I spent bouncing around and refreshing my email/various blogs to see if any news about the book had come in ... which is INCREDIBLY lame, and I don't reccomend doing. So I went off and read one of those cheesy Dark Horse Aliens Omnibus.. Omnibuses? Omnibusi? Pulpy comics from the library are awesome.

There are already a couple of really nice things about Ellsmere online: Rachelle Goguen posted a mini-review/interview with me on Living Between Wednesdays, and there was a great review of the book on Comics Worth Reading, one of my favourite comic blogs. And now I can probably stop obsessively surfing the internets for a while, and go watch me some Office and 30 Rock, on this, my most favourite TV night of the week.