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Auctions, Charities, Inventory, and Christmas Shipping

Petey Lives, by Howard TaylerThere are four marker-art pieces up for auction this week. The auctions all close on Wednesday, so if payment is prompt we can hit all of the US Christmas shipping deadlines listed below. The pieces include the “Amorph Family” artwork used in our 2008 Christmas Card, and one of my favorite pieces, “Petey Lives.” Along with the other two, “Chimp Judge” and “Ghanj Rho Council“, these pieces all appeared as margin art in Schlock Mercenary: The Teraport Wars.

Per Sandra’s blog, every order sending Hold On To Your Horses to a charitable organization or children’s hospital will be matched with a second book. Whether or not you take advantage of this, please consider contributing to a charity this year.

Schlock Mercenary Warning Sign MagnetsWe are down to our last six sets of warning sign magnets! The manufacturer’s turnaround time on these is usually around three weeks. We’ll try to get more before Christmas, but it’s unlikely. If you want these, go get ‘em now.

Speaking of “before Christmas,” if you want to shop with us and have the goods shipped to you in time for the special day, here are your imminently impending deadlines:
APO addresses and Canada/Mexico — Order by midnight, Dec 10th
US Parcel Post –order by midnight Dec 15th
US Priority Mail — order by midnight Dec 18th

If you’re taking advantage of our “Free Shipping Anywhere on the Planet” deal, those orders go out via Priority Mail. If you live in the United States that last deadline, December 18th, is the one you’re keeping your eye on. For APOs, you’re good ’till December 10th. If you live overseas, however, that ship has sailed. Your deadline was early last week. We’ll still ship to you, of course, but it might not arrive until the New Year.