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Shades - Chapters 9 and 10 now available!

Wow - have I really not posted anything here since August? Yup - it seems so! Oh, well ... here's a snippet just to keep you all updated on where we are!


Chapters 9 and 10 of my graphic novel Shades are the latest to become available to read online at the Broken Voice Comics website. The new chapters are the first to be illustrated by the new art team of E.C. Nickel and Muamal Khairi.

Illustrated in full colour, Shades is both an examination of the characteristics and traits that have come to define the British national character and, for those who just want to be entertained, a fun-filled action/adventure comic featuring demonic monsters, giant machines and a group of particularly British super heroes!

The first half of Shades (Chapters 1 – 8) has been illustrated by Harsho Mohan Chattoraj and is available to read in its entirety online. It tells the story of retired tailor Stanley Miller as he attempts to reunite a group of faded British heroes – a group which includes a prehistoric shaman, a World War 2 fighter pilot and the First Century warrior queen Boudicca!

The new art team for the remainder of the novel, starting with Chapters 9 and 10, will be Brazilian artist E.C. Nickel (pencils and inks) and Indonesian colourist Muamal Khairi. Anyone familiar with their work will know they each have a distinctive style of their own but that they both share Harsho’s love of detail and character.

The new chapters take Shades into new territory, giving readers a greater insight into the minds of the villains of the piece and ramping up the action levels as the story begins to move towards its conclusion!