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nvonflue @ 2008-12-13T23:42:00

Did you know that you can make a new nib for your wacom pen with a toothpick? Neither did I, till i tried it. And it worked well (you just gotta sand it down a bit till it fits snug). They wear out fairly quick, but it's a good cover while you're waiting for replacements.

Went to the Old town Music Hall tonight.  Saw some great old film, including some Laurel and Hardy and the 1927 version of "Scrooge". It's amazing how your forget there is a person playing the wurlitzer organ while you watch, we're so used to taking sound for granted while watching movies. I'm ashamed to admit I've only been there twice in the last 10 years, I should go every week. One of my strongest movie memories was seeing "Wings" there when I was a kid. I remember crying my eyes out in the theater and was so affected by a pilot's death scene that to this day, while brushing my teeth, I like to pretend I've been fatally shot by my best friend after stealing an enemy plane, and I spit the tooth paste all over like blood.

Man, with memories like that, it's no wonder that I have arrested development for a time 50 years before I was born.