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Webcomic Beacon #55 - Vote Incentives & Fanservice

Cover by Thomas Overbeck of Times Like This!

Tanya and Fes are joined by Eric (of Exiern) and Stef (of Sarah Zero).  Mike (of WAGON Webcomic Battle). We discuss Vote Incentives through ranking webcomic list sites… and eventually make our way into talking about fan service.

Milestones: Sequential Art (500), Awkward Zombie (100)

Webcomic Beacon #55 - Vote Incentives & Fanservice


Sites Mentioned on the Show: Top Webcomics, Saturday Breakfast Serial, Belfry, Penny Arcade, Ardra, Akida, Bigger then Cheeses, Menage-a-3, Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer ?, American Gothic (NSFW), Loxie and Zoot (NSFW), Dan and Mab’s Furry Adventures, cy-boar, and Jenny Everywhere Global Comic Jam.

Thanks to Dungeon Warden for taking notes!

Next Episodes:
On Sunday, December 21st, @ 3pm Eastern, we’ll have crew from Night Zero on the show!

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