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New IndyWorld Issue Out

IndyWorld has a new issue out (well since late last week) and there are several articles of interest. Two that stood out to me that you might want to check out are:

Ephemera vs. the Apocalypse by art spiegelman is a piece edited from a September 10, 2004 lecture Spiegelman gave at Cooper Union's Great Hall in New York City. Spiegelman talks about time, space and his latest book in a piece illustrated with sketches from In the Shadow of No Towers.

A Critique of Bagge's Reason by Marc Singer is an examination of Peter Bagge's political point of view in the cartoonist's Reason Magazine comic strips.

Whatever happened to Indy World

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IndyWorld was kind of a Webcomics Examiner for alt comix.  Had a great list of contributors but it seems to have fizzled at the end of 2005.


Xaviar Xerexes

On second thought, let's not go to Comixpedia. It is a silly place.

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