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Year End Close Out: Wikipedia, Webcomics and You

Actually I have nothing much to add to this -- Wikipedia standards for inclusion actually seem to continue to evolve, imperfectly but generally in the right direction.  Webcomics continue to get added, edited and sometimes put up for deletion.  This post seems to be a good overview of keeping an entry on Wikipedia up in the face of efforts to delete (it was inspired by this Fall's discussion to delete the entry for Something Positive).

And while officially I have nothing to do with it anymore, seems to be chugging along nicely as a place to put wiki-like entries on webcomics.  Since they don't delete anything at you can always start an entry there and then copy/paste with one at Wikipedia (they both share the GNU license so such sharing is 100% legal).


Re: Year End Close Out: Wikipedia, Webcomics and You

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These are all probably fair criticisms.  I'm not sure about the slowness - it has worked okay for me.  I don't think it's necessarily Josh's job to show initiative on the site though -- that's a failing of the community of users at large (which was an issue during my tenure on it).  There are administrator accounts and I'm sure more could be made if people expressed an interest in doing the kind of meta work you're talking about.

I would imagine I could still add administrator accounts if Josh doesn't respond so if anyone wants to work on it let me know.

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Re: Year End Close Out: Wikipedia, Webcomics and You

Since you know more about Comixpedia than anyone, your positive assessment of its condition surprises me. The comments I hear, and which I share, are:


- It's SLOW, if you can even get on

- No one takes responsibility

- Some areas are a mess

- Obsolete material snowballs while new material of value dwindles

- Josh Roberts is too preoccupied to attend to it or even answer mail about it

- Lack of really clear directions puts a lot of people off contributing


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