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Websnarking the Galaxy

Eric Burns is writing a novel for NaNoWriMo and he recently posted a map for the universe of his project. Slowly word is spreading that when you look at the map, "It's full of (webcomic) stars!" Okay, bad pun(?) there I know, but hey, I got a corridor named after me.

Re: Websnarking the Galaxy

Eric Burns's picture

I grew up in the Saint John Valley, along the banks of the "mighty" Saint John River. I used to walk to New Brunswick to buy good candy and eat fake Chinese Food at the Maple Leaf in Claire. I grew up watching CHSJ (the New Brunswick Television System), for a long time because it was the only clear channel, and afterward because they had Codco. I know from Mister Dressup. I know that Giant was Friendly. And I know from Moncton.

You know what I miss? Smarties. You ask for Smarties in the country of my birth, and they give you fake Pez. They don't know the joy that is semi-sweet M&Ms with a better tasting candy coating. They don't know to eat the Red Ones Last.

Re: Websnarking the Galaxy

I just wanna know who he knows from Moncton!