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Story Studios, LLC  announces, beginning January 5th 2009, will be providing Johnny Saturn content six days a week, Monday through Saturday with new original storylines for Johnny Saturn three times a week.   The CEO, Scott Story of Story Studios, LLC proclaims 2009 as the “Year of Johnny Saturn!”
Story Studios, LLC announces several new events and features, a bi-monthly contest on, as a way of thanking their long time and new fans.  Serialized prose stories, in continuity of the Johnny Saturn canon and continuous releases of new available content which include new wallpapers, art and technical articles for the art industry.
Tuesdays and Thursdays every week, a new feature will be available called “Inside the Book,” which shows rare glimpses into Scott Story’s personal sketchbooks to see the design and development of Johnny Saturn along with artist commentary!
According to series artist and co-writer Scott Story, “2008 was the year that we got serious about creating a whole Johnny Saturn ‘experience’ for our fans on the internet and, in 2009, Benita and I are bringing it to the next level.  We are putting up more comics, more stories, and more features than ever before, and we have cool events planned all throughout the year!  We can think of no better way to thank our fans for voting for us in the 2008 Webcomic Reader’s Choice Awards.”
Story Studios LLC, founded in 2005, is committed to creating and publishing top-quality and innovative fiction, including prose and sequential art.  Story Studios, LLC has published seven issues of Johnny Saturn, a pinup gallery, and the graphic novel “Johnny Saturn: Synns of the Father.”