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Webcomic Beacon #58 - Apocalypse Webcomics (Disaster Podcast)

Webcomic Beacon #58 - Apocalypse Webcomics (Disaster Podcast):  Another attempt at a genre podcast! Good thing Fes has  Tanya and Mark helping to keep things off-topic and interesting! Yes, we talk about movies a lot, but what better inspiration than Hollywood? … No? Well listen anyway! Also check out some of the Apocalypse and Disaster Webcomics we talk about. Post in the comments, ones we missed!

Milestones: Out There (800), Dr Sheep and the Aardvark (ends), Point Guardian - (ending), Cheap Thrills (100), Autumn Lake (700), P.S.I. (300), and Out of my Mind (1 yr)!

Be sure to check out our TalkShoe Page for our Aftershow Recordings!  Thanks to George for recording the sites mentioned on the show:

Freak Angels, Gone with the blast wave, White Noise, Airshell (discontinued but here is a review and some sample pages), Wapsi Square, Gunnerkrigg Court, Gigcast, Frumph’s Women of Webcomics, the Whitebreads and the Apocalypse, Gello Apocalypse, Prodigy Grey, Resident Dysentery, Night Zero, Zombie Hunters, Inherit The EarthJack, The World Explodes, and Changes.

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