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"Gingerbread Houses," by Alexander Danner and Edward J. Grug III

I'm delighted to announce my new collaboration with Edward J. Grug III, "Gingerbread Houses," a retelling of the classic Grimm's fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel.  Our story begins immediately following the second abandonment of the two children, as the impoverished woodcutter prepares a scant meal for himself and his wife.  This 74-page story will update approximately twice each week, and can be found in Grug's Livejournal.  For the first three pages of the story, click here.

This is my second collaboration with Grug, following up on our previous story, "Bring Your Daughter to Work Day," which related the odyssey a little girl lost in a world of callous adults.

Edward Grug Jr. is one of the hardest working artists in comics, and is one of the final ten cartoonists standing in the Daily Grind Iron Man Challenge.  His other comics include "Love Puppets" and "The Bizarre Life of Charlie Red Eye," and many short stories.

Alexander Danner wrote the anthology series "Picture Story Theatre," and many other short stories, including "The Discovery of Spoons" and "Five Ways to Love a Cockroach."  His comics can be found at