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2009: The Year of JOHNNY SATURN!


Testing!  Testing 1-2-3!


Good evening, (SQEEEEEEEEL!)…

Get that feed-back, can you, boys?


Testing.  That’s better!

Good evening, folks!  My name is Benita Story and I am the co-creator of Johnny Saturn.  I hope you have had a wonderful New Year’s Day and that your hangover from last night has gone away.

Earlier, Scott hinted that we have huge plans for 2009 for Johnny Saturn and this website.  He wasn’t joking!  One of the things we want to do in 2009 is thank you, our fans, with some freebies, including a monthly, downloadable wallpaper for your computer, more content (beginning next week, there will be new episodes Monday, Wednesday and FRIDAY!!), peeks into Scott’s sketchbooks on Tuesdays and Thursdays, new Saturnday stories, more reviews, Art Talk blogs, and other items still in the works.  Basically, it will be our goal to have something new for you every day of the week.

We are proclaiming 2009 to be the Year of Johnny Saturn!   Also, there is a contest to test your knowledge of Johnny Saturn.  We plan to have a new contest bi-monthly and a final contest in December, 2009, with something very special as the prize.  To be honest with you, I am looking forward to 2009 and all we have planned.

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