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Review: John Oxbow


My copy of “John Oxbow: Man Out of Time”, by Mark Rudolph arrived this weekend, and I finally had a chance to sit down and read it. I first came across Mark’s work via Sugary Serials - check out The Curse of The Pharoahs to get a brief taste of Mark’s stellar art.

Anyway, back to “Oxbow”.

This book has everything - dinosaurs, caves, lost ancient idols, time traveling, mystery, serious moral struggles, adventure, fighting — the works. The story itself is about a selfish thief named John Oxbow who gets some serious karmic payback for all the unscrupulous things he’s done in the past.

The script is evenly paced, fun, and conjures up adventure in the style of Indiana Jones, Twilight Zone, with a little Quantum Leap thrown in for good measure. The tone of the book is reminiscent of comics from the 1970’s. The artwork is crisp, meticulous, and vibrant - thanks to solid inks and the judicious use of tones.

All in all, John Oxbow is a FUN book, clocking in at 20 pages - and I eagerly look forward to reading issue #2. I enjoyed this book a great deal! What could make it better? I actually had a difficult time coming up with that. I’d love to purchase a full-color version, maybe when Oxbow is collected as an album.

“John Oxbow” is a fun read - it encompasses everything I enjoy about the sequential art medium. It’s all-ages friendly, and features amazing work by an incredibly talented artist. Help support independent artists like Mark - purchase your copy of “John Oxbow” today!