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Let the Games Begin!!!

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Howdy, folks!

Scott and I are continuing to have very detailed business meetings all aimed at what we want out of the website for 2009 – The Year of Johnny Saturn (Da-Dummm!)

Beginning this past Monday, there is a contest for all of you die-hard, rabid fans of Johnny-Saturn: Synns of the Father. The contest is “Who Said That?” and has 20 quotes from throughout the first story-arc. So, put on your thinking-caps, go through the archives or pull out your issues 1-5 or your copy of the graphic novel and see if you can tell us who said the quotes.

Email your answers to and the first 10 people to send us the correct answers will win a calendar (Johnny Saturn or Scott’s Fantasy Art calendar), a copy of the Scott Story 2005 Sampler (which contains lots of full-color art, an interview of Scott and full color concept art for Johnny Saturn and Dr Synn), and a copy of the 2006 Scott Story sketchbook (which is jam-packed with tons of Scott’s art from over the years). This contest is not limited to those within the continental United States, but is for all our fans, no matter where in the world you live. We will even mail a package to Timbuktu!

The questions can be found on the Contest page, or right here in this blog post.

Let the games begin!!!

Who Said That?

1.    Bless me gnarly bones!

2.    Can you imagine a machine with instincts?

3.    Come on, boys!  You’ve been invited to dinner!

4.    Distractions!  Why are there always distractions?

5.    He never disgraced the badge, and he died a hero!

6.    I shoulda’ just let you arrest me.  It beats owing you a favor.

7.    I’d like to think that, at the last moment, Johnny laughed in the face of death… or at least, smiled.

8.    I’ll give you another example if you say ‘pretty-please.’

9.    I’ve got our bloodhound on the scent!

10.    It is time to move the world.

11.    Not on my watch, mortal!

12.    Nothing like a mini-twister to take the starch out of your shorts!

13.    Okay…Now that I have taken your measure…it’s my turn!

14.    Tell all your friends that you kicked my ass.

15.    This day just keeps getting better and better!

16.    We’ve had a special cell created just for you… in the eighth ring of Hell!

17.    Wow, cool costume!

18.    You c-can’t be Johnny S-saturn!  He d-died!

19.    You’re a mess and you smell bad!

20.    Young people never listen.

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