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Metapost: It’s *champing* at the bit.

I was reading an article on lately, and I came across this phrase:

Fans in Calgary can’t really be chomping at the bit to see the New York Islanders, can they?

To which my mind immediately said, “No, no, no, it’s champing at the bit, you ignoramus hockey reporter!” And immediately I was ashamed.

Yes, “champing at the bit” is the actual correct usage, since “champ,” as a verb, means “to bite or chew, especially noisily or impatiently.” And why do I know this? Because Brad Guigar (Evil Inc.) casually mentioned this little fact on a Webcomic Weekly episode. And now this little detail will bother me to no end, driving me crazy, bit by bit, like Chinese water torture.

Curse you, Guigar! You are truly EVIL INCORPORATED!

(Also, now I can’t hear “champing at the bit” without also hearing it done in Dave Kellett’s (Sheldon Comics) mock-Midwestern accent.)

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