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Hi Everyone! It’s

Hi, Everyone!

It’s not every day that we get to introduce a new, major character into the comic, but today is such a day! Introducing Thu-Lynn, the blind goddess. I take pride in giving our characters distinctive appearances, and Thu-Lynn’s all gray color scheme is bound to make her stand out. As the story progresses, you will learn more about this very wicked, and very powerful goddess.

I’m new to the ways of Facebook, but I’ve set a Johnny Saturn Facebook page, and Johnny Saturn & Spire City group. You are welcome and encouraged as always to interact with me here with comments and emails, but the Facebook Group is intended to further facilitate conversations not only with me, but with each other.

Johnny Saturn's Facebook profile

I’m sure it will take me a few days to figure out the best way to use Facebook, and to pimp it out, but rest assured I will. Advice on how to best accomplish this is always welcome.  If you are active on Facebook, please come by and join our group!


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