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Inside The Book No. 4

Johnny Saturn is almost in his final form!  The design process had not been long, but a great deal of thought had gone into the character.

It’s interesting to note that in this version, much of Johnny’s uniform was made of puncture resisting webbing: I had been doing quite a bit of research into modern body armor.  It had always flabbergasted me that much modern armor is good at turning small arms fire, but not particularly useful in stopping puncture weapons, such as from a knife or shiv.

While you can see some the cloth folding on Johnny’s left flank, his costume has not yet taken on the well-worn, heavily folded look it later achieved.  I was getting sick of the useless and insulting Neoprene or molded rubber suits that superheroes often wore in the movies, and I was no fan of spandex, which wouldn’t be that useful for real world superheroes.  I had different ideas about the utility of costumes and what looked cool.