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The Inventiveness of the Superhero Subgenre

This is either brillant or the end of the rope--you decide.

This January, Image Comics is putting out a book based on "Freedom Force," the PC/Mac multi-player video game that puts you in control of one of a number of different heroes. The comics inspired game is created by Irrational Games.

CBR has a preview if you're interested.

Re: The Inventiveness of the Superhero Subgenre

The end of the superhero subgenre will come when no one is watching. In fact, no one watching will be the primary CAUSE. I just don't see that happening in our generation, not with movies like INCREDIBLES and SPIDER-MAN 2 on the market.

The subordination of the superhero subgenre, though, is happening right now, in the bookstore market. Check out PUBLISHER'S WEEKLY's report on the top-selling graphic novels of 2004 (Google it).

Re: The Inventiveness of the Superhero Subgenre

Wait, so it's a comic based on a game based on a comic?

I'd say that my head hurts, but why do I have a feeling I've experienced something like this before?

Oh wait, I think that was the book based on a movie based on a book...

Re: The Inventiveness of the Superhero Subgenre

City of Heroes does this already, I think. The have competitions occasionally and you can have your virtual hero play a bit part in the monthly comic book. I don't know if it's just available to CoH subscribers or to the world in general though.