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Johnny Saturn Marches On…

Hello, Folks!

Johnny Saturn has entered Phil “Frumph” Hofer’s Webcomic War, were all the webcomics in it compete against each other for best and most promotion.  It’s a pretty cool idea, because everyone wins!  Sure, there are prizes for the winner, but anyone who promotes their webcomic has gained from the experience.  Phil Hofer is an interesting person, because he’s trying to raise the water table for all webcomics, not just one.  He gets that, in a certain way, we all sink or swim together.

Our good friend John Wilson has conducted a new interview with Benita and me, called “Not Quite 20 Questions.”  John has really come to impress me with his love for the medium of comics (he’s associated with both Comic Related and Sketch Magazine), and his questions are very insightful.  Click on the graphic above to read the interview.

Have a Great Day!  Scott.

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