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Kevin & Kell reinstated in Atlanta Journal-Constitution - in color!

About a week ago, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution cut 13 strips when they downsized their comic section.  Kevin & Kell was one of them.  There was an online poll to determine which 2 got restored.

To quote the cartoonist, Bill Holbrook:

In “It’s a Wonderful Life,” George Bailey is astonished by the outpouring of support that he receives from the citizens of Bedford Falls. I find myself in a similar state of mind as the readers of “Kevin & Kell” have pitched in to return the strip to The Atlanta Journal Constitution comics page, effective Monday.

Words cannot express my gratitude for your votes in the paper’s poll. The strip has always relied on its readers to continue, never more so than in this case. This victory is entirely your own.

I’d like to also thank folks such as Tom Smith and Randy Milholland for spreading the word about my situation, and to all those who participated. Terrence and Isabel Marks, who color “Kevin & Kell,” also kept their readers updated.

In the end this was an example of the power of the online world’s ability for people to come together and create a community. Again, I thank each and every one of you out there.