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Webcomic Beacon #61 - Hobbyists vs Professionalists

Webcomic Beacon #61 - Hobbyists vs Professionalists: Scott Gallatin (of The Gigcast and Madscott) join FesTanya, and Mark as we talk about hobbyist and professionalist approaches to webcomickery… Yes I know that isn’t a real word, but it looks funny.

Milestones:  Trying Human (100 pages), Genuine Draft (100 pages), Alone in a crowd (1 yr), Big sandy gilmore (100 strips), Heroes of Lesser Earth (100 strips). This week we set our Beacon Searchlight on The Nolans.


This episode is brought to you by: Galaxion and Webcomic Asylum

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Thanks to George for recording the sites mentioned on the show:
Dominic Deegan, Least I could do (NSFW), Jonathan Coulton, Scott Kurtz’s PVP
, Penny Arcade, No need for Bushido

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