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Hey there my

Hey there, my comics and printing amigos, I need a wee bit of help.

I was poking around for some details about printing a hardcover volume in a slightly unusual format - wider than it is tall, like (god help me) the Garfield books, or better yet Shannon Wheeler's Postage Stamp Funnies collection, etc. Lulu does have a book in that format in softcover, and unfortunately at a particularly large size of seven by nine inches (I was hoping for something more like four inches by six or so).

I'd like to stick with POD or, at the very least, somewhere which will accommodate low print runs. Does anyone know of something along those lines, with a wider variety of sizes in that format? Hardcover is not a dealbreaker, so it can be softcover sizes.

Thanks folks. Oh, and Drink 'n' Draw tomorrow, be dere!