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Hourly Comic ...

So, some folks were recently doing something called an hourly comic, the idea being that you drew a short comic each hour of your waking day. Since I'm trying to do more comics this year (resolution #4 or something), I took time out of my Saturday to draw one up. Completed some of the inks and scanned it last night (which was probably breaking the rules, but what are you going to do, sic the hourly comic police on me?), and put together twenty of them into teensy tiny little minicomics for the Friends of the Nib and Drink N Draw (which is this Friday!) crowds.

Anyway, boy, what a fascinating introduction! I bet you're practically salivating to read the thing now! Oh boy. Can you stand the uproarious thrills and outrageous laffs of a Saturday in the life of Calamity Jon Morris, unemployed fat stupid man? Pregnant women, young children and people with heart conditions should check with their doctors before reading this comic. Please keep your arms and legs inside the panel borders and, please, no smoking or flash photography.