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Welcome to I Draw Comics

Welcome to I Draw Comics!

This is the new home for my comic-related projects, including my attempt to get Taking Up Space syndicated.

During the next few months, I will be posting new Taking Up Space comics each M,W,F.

While the comic dates back to March 2002, when it first appeared on, it has suffered from being the less popular of my two comics and therefore never getting the full attention it deserved. Todd and Penguin took a bulk of the time. I have decided to give Taking Up Space my full attention (well as full as I can give it with my other projects - but this will get my full comic-creating attention for the next few months) as I attempt to fulfill the promise of what I think this comic can be.

I am rewriting and redrawing some of the best of the comics and also writing new ones. So even if you are a longtime fan of the comic, you will still be seeing something new here.

I’ve gone through the archives and written out what I think is a much better, more cohesive comic which will really rock. I’ve made minor changes. One is Jessika’s dress. I’ve given her sleeves, something which she’s never had before and which I modeled after another of my comic characters. I’ve also removed some of the political overtones to the comic. The original run leaned VERY liberal. And while I am not ashamed of anything I wrote, it does feel a bit grating when being pounded over the head with a particular message repeatedly.

Instead, I will rely on strong characterization and what this comic is really about, interaction between very different people.

Here are some quotes regarding the comic’s first run.

  • ” …Peanuts for the new millenium.“–Phil Cho, Skinny Panda
  • ” I like it a lot. This may sound inherently evil, but I like it more than Todd & Penguin. I think the cast is more diverse, more attractive, and you were successful in creating mounds of sympathy for these characters in such a short amount of time. The pathos they exude is boggling“--Case Yorke, Gluemeat

If you want to know a bit about the characters, check out the About page.

Blog posts at I Draw Comics are running on the ComicPress theme for Wordpress and I haven’t quite gotten around to a full customization of the site yet.

The way ComicPress is set up, it has two blog posts. One which accompanies each comic and then a more basic one which can be found below. So if you are checking out the comic, you will get a comic-related mini-post and sometimes a more extensive non-comic post below that post.

I know, it sounds confusing. Maybe the best thing is to just subscribe to the feed and you’ll get to see everything!

That’s it for now, see you all on Wednesday.

Let me know what you think.

And as always, thank you for reading.