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Saturnday No. 13

Death on the Docks by Scott Story - Part V - Copyright 2008 Story Studios LLC.  All rights reserved.


“That was so cool,” expounded Decorum, “the way you shook that guy down.  He really thought you were going to throw him off the roof!”  Decorum momentarily had forgotten her affected swagger, and now she was all admiring fan-girl.


Johnny Saturn showed no interest in talking to the young meta-heroes, and he walked away without acknowledging them, heading for the stairs down.  It was not his style to jump from rooftop to rooftop, as did modern meta-heroes, and he preferred elevators, stairs, or ladders (in that order) where he could find them. 


“Wait,” cried Shadowcowl, heading Johnny off.  “We never get to meet real old-timers like you!  Shouldn’t we join forces or something?  I want to see you kick some ass like they did back in the day!”


“Yeah,” added Decorum.  “All we ever fight is meta-villains, and those guys fold or run all the time.  Let’s do a team up!”


Johnny Saturn stopped and surveyed the two.  He frowned deeply, and, even though this was his default expression, his eyes conveyed the impression that he was not pleased.  Truly, admired Shadowcowl, no one had ever worn a sour disposition with more dignity or arrogance than did Johnny Saturn.


Johnny stepped around Shadowcowl, and as he did he casually pulled a white, plastic bottle from under his belt.  He upended the container, spilling a half dozen or so white pills into his mouth, and he began chewing these without the benefit of anything to wash them down.  His actions were not self-conscious.  It was as if he did this numerous times a day without giving it thought.


“Dude, what are you poppin’ there?” asked Shadowcowl.


“Yeah, like, that cannot be good,” added Decorum lamely.


Johnny grunted.  “Pain pills.  If you kids live as long as I have, then you’ll probably be as full of pins, sutures, plates, and staples as I am.”  Johnny then said, “Out of my way, meta-heroes.  Go do whatever it is you do.  There’s a truck coming to pick these crates up, and I am going to intercept it before it gets here.” 


Shadowcowl grabbed Decorum around the waist, saying “Not if we get to it first!”  Off, into the sky they shot, leaving Johnny Saturn on the roof.


“Dammit,” swore the big mystery man.  “Damn, damn, damn…”

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