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Webcomic Beacon #62 - What’s in a Name?

Zack (Insert Comic Here) and Rachel (Last Res0rt) join Fes, Tanya, and Mark to discuss some of the meanings behind, and reasons for, the names we pick for our webcomic characters. We are ALSO joined by several callers that were listening to the show LIVE on our Sunday Afternoon Broadcast! What were YOU doing? Watching the “Super Bowl”?

The people who called in were: Adrian from Jayden and Crusader, Ben Carver from Point Guardian, Jules Rivera from March Rocket, Alexantra from Garanos, and  Gray Liliy from The Adventures of Wiglaf and Mordred

Beacon SearchLights: The Great Space Race, Alone in a crowd, Mikey’s life, Twisted Musings , Between Failures, The Adventures of Wiglaf and Mordred, Synchronism

Cover by Zack of Insert Comic Here.

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Thanks to George for recording the sites mentioned on the show:
Webcomic Overlook, Least I could do, Gastrophobia, Questionable Content, Krazy Bov Comics

We broadcast our episodes LIVE on TalkShoe!:
On Sunday,February 8th, @ 3pm Eastern:
ANTI-VALENTINE’S DAY SPECIAL w/ Jules Rivera of Marsh Rocket!