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Friday Is Usually A Slow News Day, But…

Hi, All!

sketchmagswatch1) I’ve got a new article in this month’s Sketch Magazine, and this time it’s in full color! It’s a revisit to one of my favorite Photoshop topics, building your personal color palettes.

In a way, I’m always amused that so many of my tutorials center around Photoshop, because I came to digital art and coloring late in the game.  Once I dug in, though, it became a passion, and I’ve walked almost every odd corner, nook, and byway in Photoshop at this point.

2) One of the ideas floating around the webcomic world lately is that of premium content, or extra stuff for the fans who pay for it. I don’t like this idea. To me, it’s a backdoor return to the old webcomic subscription model, which pretty much died away. I believe in the open source model, so any premium content I devise, such as “Inside the Book,” is free and available to everyone.

3) That having been said, we have a new features here on Johnny Saturn that we will be beginning quite soon, as soon as we figure out all the details and do all the scanning. It’s pretty cool, and I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before.

4) My old illustration website at has been underperforming in the new “soft” economy, so I’ll soon be replacing it with something new, more innovative, and a little more cutting edge. Beware the coming of the Graphimancer!

5) Thanks to all the fans who took my new promo graphics and spread them around the web!  Do remember to link them to  Thanks so much!

Have a great weekend!


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