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Webcomic Beacon #63 - Anti-Valentine’s Day Special

Jules Rivera (Marsh Rocket) joins Fes and Mark to discuss bad relationships and terrible romance in webcomics in bitter celebration of Greeting Card’s Day.

Milestones: Nerf Now (1 yr), Boxcar Astronaut (100 strips), Slightly off topic (100 strips).

This episode is brought to you by: Last Resort, Ned the Chainsaw Guy and Action Flick Chick!

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Thanks to George for recording the sites mentioned on the show:

Menage-a-3 (NSFW), Penny and Aggie, Marry MeNo Pink Ponies, Inverloch, Mega Tokyo, Candi, Namir Deiter, You Say it First, Badly Drawn Kitties, Fur Will Fly, Ozy and Millie, Ganbare! Shimura-san, Anders loves Maria, Least I can do (NSFW), Questionable Content, Capes n Babes, Night Zero, Union of Heroes.

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