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Tym Godek's "!"

I'm Surprised that almost nothing has been said about Tym Godek's "!" since it was finished about a month ago.

You can read the comic in it's entirety here.

A lot has been thrown about lately about tiny web apps that make digital comics easier to read, or sliding javascript panels being a stroke of genius for comic presentation, etc., and it seems like a new part of the audience is waking up (again) to the promise of webcomics outside of print. Maybe Tym should wrap this whole thing up in one of those web apps, say, Microsoft's Infinite Canvas Project, and maybe he'd find a whole new group of people calling out that his work is the future of comics online.

But no, it's just a simple side scroller, and it's been waiting for someone to read it. It doesn't have any flash-y (pun intended) slidng or effects, you have to push your right arrow to make it work, but it's got a simple and novel multiple narration, a meta-canvas that makes anything in print look like a joke and an inventive, hilarous story to tie it all toghether. Tym may have finally made an infinite canvas comic that doesn't feel like it was made to revolutionize anything. And in that, it's entirely revolutionary.