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Webcomics Weekend 2009

Have you heard the news? Have you heard it?

There is a weekend coming up, and it is a weekend of webcomics. A “webcomics weekend”, if you will. The idea is a simple one: lots of people who are good at webcomics—reading them, writing them, drawing them, etc.—plan to convene in western Massachusetts from March 20-22. The place is western Massachusetts because it’s the home of Dumbrella, TopatoCo, and Octopus Pie, the folks who are graciously hosting this little festival.

John and I are particularly excited about this event because it is scheduled on the fortuitous intersection of our spring breaks. I’d peg the probability of us both being there at around 75%. Not bad!

If any readers plan on attending, let us know and we can plan to meet up. It will be a party. A comics party!

P.S.: At the moment, we don’t have a good way of getting from Boston to Easthampton. If you’re a Bostoner planning to attend and wouldn’t be against helping out a pair o’ peripatetic webcartoonists, please let us know. We would be forever in your debt, and would gladly help pay our way in terms of gas fare and other expenses. Also, I can’t promise I won’t bring delicious snacks.