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Eyeskream fifth anniversary!

Five years ago, February 9 2004 to be more precise, the Eyeskream Webcomic Creators Group was born.  A collective that would change the very face of humanity.  Or create a community of dedicated, talented webcartoonists.  Which ever came first.  Wrapped in loincloths and bathed in a god-like sweat they forged a creation that would be the, eye... of Eyeskream, our beloved mono-eyed, perpetually-shrieking mascot: SKREAMIE.

In honour of Eyeskream's Fifth Birthday, you can draw, scrawl, paint, sculpt or sketch an ORIGINS OF SKREAMIE STORY in a comic format in order to win fabulous prizes.

The Eyeskream artists and manager have mortgaged their homes, and sold bodies and souls in order to put together a pirate's horde of merchandise, original art, collectibles and other goodies the likes of which you've (literally) never seen.

The contest will run from 2/16/09 - 3/16/09, and entries can be black and white, color, one panel or multiple panels, hand-drawn, computer generated or crafted from an orphan child's tears.  They just need to be emailed to Eyeskream at no later than March 16.

For more information and a list of all the prizes, visit