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Issue 24.1 of Comixpedia Is Now Available

For January 2005, we present the FUNNY Issue, a serious look at humor in webcomics featuring a cover from Chris Crosby in the super Superosity style. Leading us off is a discussion of the funny with some creators who make us laugh on a regular basis: John Troutman, Randy Milholland, Maritza Campos, David Wright, Brad Guigar and Ryan North. We also have a review of Jeph Jacques' Questionable Content and an interview with Tauhid Bondia, creator of Spells & Whistles. This month is also the debut of a new column, Through the Looking Back Glass, by Erik Melander. Every month, Erik will take a look back at the most recent webcomic news and connect the dots between the events of the day.

Jeff Rowland is the community interviewee this month - be sure to ask him something about his new project and his continuing diary comic, Overcompensating as well as his association with the Dumbrella conspiracy.