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Interesting Johnny Saturn Review

This is from the blog Topics For All, posted on February 10, 2009.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the author’s name, even if I like what he says:

Johnny Saturn

Designed by Benita and Scott Story, Johnny Saturn gave a new definition to the concept of web comic. There is a main super-hero tale at the core with a mystery man that’s been through lots of challenges in a life where there is an eternal battle between the forces of good and evil.

Hence, the typology of the characters animating the world of Johnny Saturn is close to any Romantic plot with legends, angels, demons and lots of fights between them. But there are also mad scientists and demigods as well as all sorts of conceptual beings, making up the puzzle world that is the very charm of the Johnny Saturn comic.

Basically, Johnny Saturn represents both a web comic and a superhero and fantasy book; yet, many fans consider it as the figurative representation of the way our life goes in or away from the acts of justice. On top of these all, good seems to spring from questionable deeds too, not only out of purity.

Johnny Saturn is who faces the evil Dr. Synn and his schemes. We will not consider Johnny Saturn a real hero, since he lacks the powers and the personal history that would make him one: he is the average man caught up inuncommon circumstances who has to do what he has to do. As the story in the comic {moves on|evolves, Johnny Saturn gets to other inspirational life knots: he shows the sacrifice of a savior and the determination of a leader.

The creators of the Johnny Saturn comic got something more than fame and success with their ongoing story of the character. The Storys manage to be witty and interesting in creating moods, profound messages and lots of complexity without assaulting the reader with visual tricks.

Mondays and Wednesdays are the regular days when new episodes from Johnny Saturn are uploaded; four years have passed since the release of the strip, and it still enjoys an ongoing success as thousands and thousands of fans get on the Storys’ official site every day.

Johnny Saturn is imbued with the concepts, issues and taboos of our world: yes there is drug addiction, depression, suicide, anger, grief and lots of others, but they are all approached in a very straight-forward manner without dramatizing. Even political themes become manifest in the story of Johnny Saturn, but the advantage here is that a comic leaves freedom enough for allegories without hinting directly at people and events from real life.

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